Hello world!

It’s been forever since I’ve had a blog of any type…so why start now?

I just felt like starting one again…a lot’s changed from my original website way back in the day.  I used to password protect my website and upload photos for friends to look at and comment…then Facebook and the rest of the Social Media gang came along and rendered me obsolete

My only real hobbies are golf and cooking…I didn’t think a golfing blog would be of any use but cooking…now that might have some uses.  At the very least – I can make an online cookbook for myself…maybe some friends (or strangers) will randomly find this site and use a recipe and keep it for themselves.  That would be cool too.

Some recipes will be mine, others from cookbooks I own, or recipes I learned while watching Food Network at home.  (Chef Michael – I know you’re out there!)  I’ll try to make it step-by-step with pictures for those of you that aren’t kitchen-friendly, or those who learn with their left brain!


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