I’m a 35 year old Indian male who loves to cook…you don’t see that too often do you? I love experimenting in the kitchen and trying a new recipe for the first time…I imagine the excitement of tasting that new recipe for the first time is like a soldier in an army or an athlete winning the big one.  Whenever it doesn’t turn out that great, I imagine that athlete missing the big shot and going back into the dressing room without a championship ring (I prefer not to think of soldiers losing).  Whenever I try a new dish at a restaurant that I fall in love with, I debate internally how they made it and make mental notes for home (I’m sure it annoys my wife to no end)

I’m often asked about my recipes when friends come over, and as I’ve wanted to get back into blogging for awhile now, I figured this was a good opportunity to start.  I figured no one wants to here about me golfing more than they already do…I promise most of my postings will be about food (whether it’s a new recipe, restaurant, or my latest gadget). Sometimes I might rant about something else.

I’m currently reading the A Song of Ice and Fire series, which is better known to most people as Game of Thrones.

I work in Healthcare as a Senior Consultant…I have a B.Sc. in Computer Science, and my PMP. One day I’ll probably get a Masters Degree in something. Anywhere I can get a cooking degree???

Ranjeet Saini


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