Sunday Morning

What’s better on Sunday morning than the smell of crisp bacon in the kitchen?


Finger Licken Fried Chicken

So we went to Costco the other day and I bought a frying chicken…you know, one of those Rotisserie style chickens you see in a warmer…they smell so good and are a fairly cheap and convenient dinner when paired with a salad and some rolls.

Well, buying them whole and cutting up and preparing is insanely cheap, I got this one for about $4.50 and you get 8 pieces (2 legs, 2 thighs,2 wings, and 2 breasts) – more if you divide the breasts.  From there, you can have all sorts of fun:

  1. Roast Chicken
  2. Beer Can Chicken
  3. Flattened Chicken (cutting the chicken in the middle and “flattening” it
  4. Just cutting up and cooking it…probably an infinite amount of ways to cook it at this point!

Well, it’s Friday night (at least, when I cooked this) and smoking hot outside…so what better way to cook it than cutting it up, pulling out the Deep Fryer, and sitting on the deck while having a drink?


  • Fryer Chicken
  • 1 cup flour
  • 2 cups buttermilk
  • Seasoning (Salt + Pepper, Chicken Spice, etc)
  • Cold Drink

How’s that for simple?


  1. Wash the chicken and pull any gizzards out.  Then pat the chicken dry with a paper towel
  2. Cut the chicken into pieces – for instructions check out this link – you’ll end up with something like this
  3. Get out a container that can fit all that chicken, put in the buttermilk, the seasoning, and toss the chicken in the buttermilk.  Put in the fridge for a few hours (the longer the better)
  4. Get out a paper bag, or a smaller Tupperware container, and put the flour in there, as well as the seasoning
  5. One at a time, put the chicken piece in your bag and shake vigorously until coated.  Repeat for all pieces
  6. Set up your deep fryer.  I always do this on the deck, so it doesn’t smell up the inside of our house…put it on 360 F.
  7. Grab your cold drink and have a seat on the deck, waiting for the beep from your fryer
  8. Put in your pieces one at a time into the fryer and cook for roughly 10 minutes (depends on the piece of chicken…wings will obviously cook quicker than the bigger pieces).  The chicken should be cooked to about 165 F. (you can see from the bare patches – I should have added more flour to my container halfway thru mixing everything)

Serve with fries, potatoes, salad, rolls, or whatever else you have in your fridge.

My Best Friend (in the Kitchen)

Somewhere last year, a co-worker started bringing cupcakes on an almost daily basis to work…she was testing different recipes for her sisters wedding and I got to sample just about every one…

It was at that point I realized that I should start baking…if I actually wanted to think of myself as something serious in the kitchen, my desserts had to consist more of just

  1. Something from Costco
  2. Ice Cream

I started researching baking and realized it looked pretty easy (haha)…not someone to take something half-@$$ed, I decided to go all-in and buy a heavy duty stand mixer.  So many models to research and figure out.  On Black Friday, I bought one on sale from Costco USA (in the guise of a Christmas present from Rumsters) – and it’s been love ever since:

KitchenAid 550 HD Professional
It doesn’t look like much, but this bad boy has been awesome ever since.  It`s a KitchenAid 550 HD Professional (fancy name).  I haven’t given him a name yet, although I figure I probably should.  It came with a whisk, dough hook, and paddle.

Once I finally allowed myself to open it at Christmas, I’ve made quite a few things I never thought of making before myself:

  1. Cakes
  2. Icing
  3. Pizza Dough
  4. Focaccia
  5. Naan Bread*
  6. etc etc etc

* – next on my list is trying to make Roti & Paratha dough since I have no interest at all kneading atta like Mom used to do every day for dinner when I was a kid.

There are a ton of accessories you can buy for him, but I’ve been pretty good and not breaking down and buying any…but I broke down last week and bought the ice cream attachment.  Hopefully I’ll be posting an ice cream review sometime next week…

Hello world!

It’s been forever since I’ve had a blog of any type…so why start now?

I just felt like starting one again…a lot’s changed from my original website way back in the day.  I used to password protect my website and upload photos for friends to look at and comment…then Facebook and the rest of the Social Media gang came along and rendered me obsolete

My only real hobbies are golf and cooking…I didn’t think a golfing blog would be of any use but cooking…now that might have some uses.  At the very least – I can make an online cookbook for myself…maybe some friends (or strangers) will randomly find this site and use a recipe and keep it for themselves.  That would be cool too.

Some recipes will be mine, others from cookbooks I own, or recipes I learned while watching Food Network at home.  (Chef Michael – I know you’re out there!)  I’ll try to make it step-by-step with pictures for those of you that aren’t kitchen-friendly, or those who learn with their left brain!

Ranjeet Saini